deep sea bears

i’ll make a post later about how i feel about The Genders and The Genders Politics and if anybody reblogs it i’mma be pissed



i’m going to get an energy drink

hmmmnggh not gonna get stressed out or make a buncha posts bout this shit swimming in my head

i like this to be a chill place for people to laugh and to figure shit out

it was too bad because phoenix namor was the best thing ever while it lasted

phoenix namor drowned thousands of wakandans and i’m still waiting for everyone, including steve rogers, to kick his ass over this

not liking seeing talk come across my dash insisting that you need to have dysphoria to be trans

will not be engaging messages that try to give me shit over this

instead of buying uncanny x-men, or all new x-men, please buy 3 copies of: storm’s solo book

jen you were fucking there when it happened

how do you not know this

god i hate comics

I still don't understand what AvX was. Phoenix came back again and this time Namor et al got it so they made the world Rising Stars but then Scott absorbed it all and become dark phoenix???

scott didn’t even really go dark phoenix until the avengers started attacking and aggravating him (holy shit you never do this to someone posessed by the phoenix) and then charles xavier hit him with a psychic attack (holy SHIT anyone who knows ANYTHING about the phoenix knows you DEFINITELY don’t do this, that’s like GUARANTEED DARK PHOENIX, HOW DOES CHUCK NOT KNOW THIS) and then scott blew his head off under all the pressure

then wanda and hope did the thing that hope was SUPPOSED to do in the first place like the x-men comics had been building up to for years without avengers getting involved but then punched the whole thing into a fucking mess and went “NO MORE PHOENIX” (lmao good luck with that), and now mutants are back though most writers and the marvel universe at large don’t seem to care much

then scott went to jail for killing chuck but it was not a good jail it was a jail basically guaranteed to kill him and the avengers weren’t really doing shit about that so he busted out and went “fuck all y’all” and went back to beating up sentinels and doing the superhero thing

for a while the avengers and others treated him as a fugitive from justice but then everybody other than wolverine and beast basically stopped giving a shit because nobody but rick remender cares about AvX anymore

event comics are bad, the x-men comics are bad right now, AvX was bad, and Civil War was also bad

anything that happens in a marvel event comic is basically with everyone’s “regular character” switch tilted to “off” and their “asshole” switch tilted to “maximum power”

let’s please stop using event comics as the general basis for characters characterization

captain america showed up on the x-men’s turf and went “hey shitheads we’re taking your kid no debate and if you got anything to say about it we’re gonna beat the shit out of you” and he did so with a fucking army of avengers

logan attempted to murder said kid and it only took like half a month for both the x-men and the avengers to go “lmao it’s logan whatcha gonna do”

everybody was panicking about the phoenix despite personally knowing a living person who had hosted the phoenix with no real problems and nobody asked for what she thought

and that’s just AVX

let’s not even get into how fucking shittily civil war was written

like of course everyone was a shitty asshole, it was a mark millar comic, and a marvel event comic

and that was at about the same time wakanda was withholding the cure for cancer from the rest of the world because reasons

Comics Is Bad, is what i am saying