deep sea bears

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i’m mostly lifting but yoga looks pretty cool

i got an app for my ipod called “workout trainer” that’s really good and has a bunch of pre-made workouts with photos, and, if you upgrade to the pro version, video of how to do the exercises, and the yoga/stretching workouts i’ve downloaded have been really good. i’m already feeling flexier

there’s so much to say about superheroes and what they mean on a personal level especially in being gay or bisexual or trans or outside of the gender binary bullshit and so on and i want to write about them all day

thinking about superman and the legion of superheroes and so many other things

i’m exercising every day now with a focus on yoga and flexibility in general and jesus it rules. i need to start learning muay thai again too, badly

you are VERY attractive and you give ME a BIG BONNER

you're pretty nice-looking spacetwinks.


also good morning tumblr



sure, space jam is canon in the context of barkley shut up and jam gaiden but we must also ask ourselves how space jam is canon in regards to the other various looney toons continuities

space jam is canon in the recent loonie toons show continuity, where it is established that bugs and daffy became roommates shortly after saving the world from the monstars.  it is not canon in loonatics unleashed, where they specifically call space jam “just an old movie.”

the canonicity of space jam in duck dodgers in the 21st and a half century is highly disputed.

it’s 3 in the morning i should go to bed

okay in this fic king dedede reads 36 issues of bodybuilding magazines in a row and then

I actually just had to listen to my grandma talk about a boy my uncle went to school with and his ‘two maiden aunts, such close friends, all alone in that big house’

oh my fucking god