deep sea bears

cyborg could make out with beast boy on camera and i swear people’d be saying they’re just good friends

the one thing i can ABSOLUTELY guarantee you about a teen titans live action show

more than the inevitable appearance of deathstroke

more than the inevitable trigon plot

is that tim and kon will get the “OH THEY’RE ABSOLUTELY FUCKING” reaction from fandom

and vic and garfield will get “they’re just too good friends!” “brotp!” “i just don’t see them that way”

Speaking of Tim Drake though, why do writers love to make his life sad. Did this originate with Return of the Joker? And what do you think of that movie
  1. batman writers thrive on the angst. the whole “let’s make this dude’s life suck” didn’t originate with RotJ - even dixon, the primary guy for tim drake, put that dude through a world of shit in his solo. sure, he had more cheery spots and standbys, but still. that said, he notably didn’t start going into full bore angst until about johns’ teen titans and the god awful event identity crisis.
  2. honestly? i was underwhelmed. haven’t seen it in a while, but i mostly remember being underwhelmed. it had some good parts here and there, but… it just didn’t hit me the way it did everyone else. mask of the phantasm, even with the ridiculous “if i draw a joker smile over THIS guy…” detective work, was still way better, imo.
biggest flaw in the overall batman beyond franchise; when they finally made a batgirl beyond comic, they didn't use maxine

i’d say “letting adam beechen write” and “let’s make some more terrible stories about the justice lords and treat wonder woman like a lovesick puppy over bruce with a big thing for murder who marries justice lord superman for political reasons” is still pretty up there for bad

really really fucking bad

Batman Comic Idea: Joker's Secret Purebred Greyhound Racing Syndicate

you know this reminds me

of my biggest complaint with modern joker stories?

isn’t all the murder, and grimness, constantly trying to outdo each other with making their joker more monstrous than the last

it’s that


when’s the last batman writer you saw who could tell a fucking joke?

how did you feel about the weird 'ending' to batman beyond that they put into JLU? it felt really shoehorned in and kind of awful to me

amanda waller’s plan there was total fucking nonsense if even given the most cursory glance and it basically felt like an excuse to jack off the batman mythos again in total disservice to amanda waller’s intelligence and characters in general

why the fuck would amanda waller need batman’s dna and need to shove it into some dude to pass it onto his kids and then have him die in front of him in some desperate hope that - because of his genes, i guess???? - terry would go “I MUST WAGE A WAR ON CRIME” and a fucking bat would fly into his window or some shit

when amanda waller, with all the resources and contacts she has


hell she could load them up with all kinds of tech! even superpowers!

the whole plot about passing down batman’s genes and a the murder of his parents would somehow trigger the next batman’s existence was bull of the highest order, and it really just felt like another timm/dini deal of “BATMAN IS SO GREAT YOU GUYS, PEOPLE EVEN WANT HIS GENES FOR NONSENSE PLANS”

"epilogue" sucked.

jonathan hickman: okay.
jonathan hickman: after the first 50 issues of avengers.
jonathan hickman: that's when we're done with the prologue.
jonathan hickman: i'm confident that by issue 102 we'll be done with part 1.
jonathan hickman: and i'll have added about 70 people to the avengers roster.
scott snyder: okay in this story for batman it turns out that gotham city has a dark secret that even HE didn't know about, operating right under his nose
scott snyder: and it's gonna take like 12 issues
scott snyder: and he's gonna be a huge asshole to everyone he knows because he's batman and even when he's wrong he's right
scott snyder: and then i'm gonna do that again

i’m gonna make a ton of posts dunking on comics right now watch me

supergirl’s had a lot of weird stories, especially in the 90s, but the weirdest shit will always be any and all appearances of comet the superhorse