deep sea bears

time for bed

buried in the desert of nevada, covered in Dinosaucers VHS tapes

sending fanmail twice because you don’t trust tumblr to send it even when it said it did

the iron giant is both a better film in general and a better superman film in specific than Man Of Steel so go watch The Iron Giant again i guess

pa kent: you'll be an inspiration. your powers will allow you to do incredible things. you'll change the whole world. but you must wait for the right time to use them.
clark kent: when will that be?
pa kent: i don't have any fucking idea.
pa kent: welp, time to die
i legit prefer “your nuke belongs in the fucking sun” superman to “killing… is a necessary evil….” superman

the thing to me is, clark killing zod is just the shit icing on a shit cake. a final “we don’t know what we’re fucking doing” after an endless assault of just that. that movie is garbage from the ground up. its structure is built out of garbage

zack snyder can keep on saying he made superman “real” and that people didn’t like MoS solely because of attachment to the donner films all he wants, he still made a shitty, shitty movie

anyway. i’m eating a whole box of sun dried tomato and basil wheat thins

i’m thinking about this cuz i just remembered when someone called beautiful souldier “derivative” and that it was trying too hard or whatever by having too many queer characters, and al this other shit. implying that queer people aren’t allowed to have superhero styled stories all about them. implying that you can only make stories about queerness if they’re purely serious, and all about how agonizing that shit is

it’s like, y’know, fuck that, i’m gonna have a power rangers story featuring an all queer cast if i feel like it

seriously fucking destroy the idea that all art and media and shit about queer relationships and queer existence have to be these somber joyless affairs where nothing ever ends well