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here’s what Marvel’s got for women led titles:

  • Fearless Defenders
  • Journey into Mystery
  • Red She-Hulk
  • Captain Marvel

Fearless Defenders has Misty Knight, Valkyrie, and Dani Moonstar, with more to come, and Journey into Mystery has Sif as the lead

these are the books you want to support, or at the very least, give a shot, if you want Marvel to eventually give a shot at other women you might have in your mind as worthy of a title

having 4 books featuring women in the lead is UNUSUAL AS SHIT for Marvel, okay? before Captain Marvel came out, there was a big dead space between her and X-23. they don’t do this kind of thing often. there’s always tons of pressure on DC to put out women in the lead, AND they have more well known women to choose from to boot. katana, a kind of b, c lister from Batman and the Outsiders days, has been in Birds of Prey, is gonna be in JLA, AND is gonna have her own book.

you want Marvel to try something like that, you gotta show the support. otherwise? it’s back to nothing but being on team books or part of the supporting cast, likely an Avengers group or an X-Men group. Marvel isn’t big on taking risks, they cancel FAST. they sometimes cancel books before they even come OUT if they don’t get enough pre-orders, and ‘Fearless Defenders’ doesn’t have the kind of brand strength that X-Men or Avengers does.

you want women in cape comics, go for the best of what’s available, and send letters, tweets, emails to Marvel when they do something you don’t like, or to show support for something you do like. DC has the pressure on them, Marvel doesn’t, in this regard.

i would kill for a Storm book. i really would. or god forbid, a Sue Storm mini. but if these don’t do alright, it’s back to nothing but Avengers, X-Men, and Spider-Man.

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    I can’t vouch for the others yet, but Captain Marvel is fucking awesome.
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    I am really hoping JiM turns out well, I want a badass Sif book
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