deep sea bears

dorohedoro means so much to me, the way they treat a world that should be, by all rights, fundamentally awful, the way they treat magic and masks and transformation and most of all the way they treat people, the way they treat how people of all kinds interact

everyone is a murderer, but everyone is also in love

and that probably sounds really fucked up but it really means a lot to me, that this giant lizard headed man who has killed person after person is also a big sweetie who’s scared of ghosts and cares more about his precious, close friend than anything else, and that precious close friend loves baseball and cooking and will also ruthlessly vivisect someone if they threaten her, and these two contract killers who trust each other completely no matter what and are always there for each other, and these two low ranking magical mafia members talk about how much they can’t stand each other but they really just want to be each other’s friend, badly, and

everyone in dorohedoro is a killer, and everyone is in love, of one kind or another

i love dorohedoro

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